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Add another revenue stream to your restaurant with Tiimelii.

Reach New Customers

Reach new demographics in your area and get new customers.

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Compliment your existing online marketing with SEO and awareness provided by Timelii.

How does Timelii work for Restaurants?

At a time when diners are ordering take out and delivery at record numbers, Timelii uses our innovative live-interactive technology to help restaurants fill empty tables.

We attract and engage prospective diners that are already in your area. In other words, no more waiting, no more empty tables. With Timelii, restaurants stay busy and passerbys never miss out on a nearby dining experience. A true win-win, from b to c.

Make It Easy for Potential Nearby Customers to Find Your Restaurant In Real Time

Reach potential customers searching for a spot to dine, thanks to a customized geographic radius and appealing listings that puts your restaurant on the map. Literally. Plus, real time updates allow you to actively manage your open tables, giving you the control over the flow of foot traffic.

Retain Customers Through our ‘Favourite’ Feature

Customer loyalty is key especially during the COVID-19 Pandemic where diners are left with little dine-in choices. As industry experts, we know that well. That’s why we designed a feature that enables diners to ‘favourite’ businesses they love, so they’ll be reminded to keep coming back again, and again. They’ll also have the option to receive marketing material to their email. And when they’re ready to book that table? Push notifications keep them updated throughout the process in real time, making it easy.

Did we mention, word-of-mouth? Our stats show that new customers are likely to share their experience with others.

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Low Flat Fee Structure - Because We’re Here to Serve You

We believe that good business shouldn’t have hidden fees that’s why we don’t charge based on a commission structure. To put it simply, our fees are flat–with none hidden or added, ever. That means that as your restaurant’s sales increase, you keep all the profits.

Custom Marketing and Advertising at Your Fingertips

Market your restaurant’s promotions your way with custom advertising options on the app to ensure that no table is left un-seated, even during those notorious off-peak hours. Timelii also allows you to strategically plan and/or make up for uncontrollable scenarios. Like cancelled events and or no-show reservations. You have an empty table, we’ll get it filled in a timely manner – hence our name.

Boost Your Online Presence Through our SEO, Social Media, Website, and App Strategy

Get online, or boost that presence. We’ll ensure you not only get seen on the app, but online, too. We’ll drive traffic through our own social media platforms. Incrementally increase sales by expanding your reach online, website, app, and boost SEO.

Learn with Timelii

We want you to manage your business your way which is why we have analytics available to optimize your sales offerings strategically. Whether it’s through figuring out the best time to reach new customers, managing empty tables during peak or off-peak hours or insight on what deals get new guests excited – we have you covered.


We want you to discover your new regulars. With a focus on community, and building sustainable dining relationships, we want to match diners to empty tables.

Business Management

The deals you place on Timelii are completely managed by you. We value your independence. In addition to adding new guests to your establishment, Timelii offers a unique way to manage inventory and food waste in real time. If you ordered too much, enable a deal. If business is slow, enable a deal. Or just take the special on your sandwich board, and put it at everyone’s fingertips. We believe in you, and what your business has to offer.

Let’s grow together.

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